A Book Signing for THE BATTLE OF MEDINA…THE UNTOLD STORY…Will be Held April 30, 2005

Did you know that over 1000 Mexican-Americans sacrificed their lives for liberty and freedom…yet have been forgotten? And it happened here in South Texas.

Tejano writer Dan Arellano presents "Tejano Roots" and brings to life how Tejano heroes died for the same reasons as the heroes of the Alamo in a battle many don't know about…The Battle of Medina…

"Tejano Roots" is the untold story of Tejanos who can finally claim their rightful place in the history of our country. "Tejano Roots" brings a historic and a renewed sense of pride to our Mexican-American community with a story that belongs to them, their families, their history, and their hearts.

Author Dan Arellano is now available for on-camera interviews, talk radio, and print. "Tejano Roots" offers you a feature and/or a book review opportunity rich in history and background of great importance to the Hispanic community.

"Tejano Roots, A Family Legend" will be available April 29th. Dan Arellano will have a book signing on Saturday, April 30th, at Jovitas Restaurant, 1619 So. Ist. Street on Saturday the 30th of April from 12 noon until 5 pm.

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