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Tejano Roots
A Family Legend

Author, Dan Arellano

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DAVIE CROCKETT Dying a warriors’ death while swinging "ole Betsy" at the Alamo...wrong 

TEXAS INDEPENDENCE Starting at Gonzales in 1835...wrong again 

SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS...still wrong 

TEXAS RANGERS Straight-shootin, square dealing lawmen...dead wrong 


Austin writer-historian, Dan Arellano presents “Tejano Roots" and brings to life how Tejano heroes died for the same reasons as the heroes of the Alamo in a battle many don't know about...The Battle of Medina... 

Did you know that over 1000 Tejanos sacrificed their lives for liberty and freedom...yet have been forgotten? And it happened here in South Texas, and it was bigger and bloodier than the Alamo, San Jacinto and Goliad combined. "Tejano Roots" is the untold story of Tejanos who can finally claim their rightful place in the history of our country. "Tejano Roots" brings a historic and a renewed sense of pride to our Mexican-American community with a story that belongs to them, their families, their history and their hearts.

Excerpt from "Tejano Roots" 

"Many Mexican-Americans have given their lives, defending freedom and democracy. A thousand Tejanos were killed in one battle alone, in defense of these causes. But this conflict wasn't on foreign soil. Not on the beaches of Normandy, not in Korea, Viet Nam, or Desert Storm, although Tejanos were there, but much closer to home, in South Texas, less than twenty miles outside of San Antonio. The Battle of Medina...the forgotten history of the Tejanos, these first sons and daughters of the State of Texas, unknown and unrecognized, for their ultimate sacrifice." 

Contact: Dan Arellano 512-826-7569; e-mail darellano@austin.rr.com;

Web; www.tejanoroots.org  For a signed copy send $23.95 + 3.00 s&h to Dan Arellano PO Box 43012 Austin, Texas 78704.